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Hawkinsville was incorporated in 1835 having been named for the noble revolutionary soldier, Col. Benjamin Hawkins. The Col. served during the Revolutionary War as a French interpreter for General Washington's staff and the Commissioner for the Board of Trade of North Carolina. In these capacities, he contributed significantly to North Carolina's effort during the Revolutionary War. Later in life, Col. Hawkins would serve as principal agent for the Creeks living on the Flint River in Creek territory. There he served as representative of the United States in all matters including cultivation, introduction of livestock, nursery development, agreements, and introduced a plan of government to the Creeks which they accepted in 1798. Hawkinsville began to grow after the War of 1812 and the cutting of the Blackshear Trail in 1814. In 1835 the court house was moved from Hartford to Hawkinsville and the town was officially incorporated. Today, Hawkinsville has a population of 5,193 residents, it is the county seat and the largest town in the county. Hawkinsville, known as the harness horse capitol of Georgia, has been the winter home for the harness horse trainers since the early 1920s serving horsemen from the northern and mid western states.